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Each week I await the arrival of the on-line garden magazine,

For all you gardeners out there, and all the garden geeks:

If you don’t know it, let me introduce you!
Such totally fabulous, gorgeous photography. Each week is just one subject and each week reveals beautiful images.
It is an on-line magazine written by award winning landscape and garden designer, Dan Pearson and additional writing and photography from his partner, Huw Morgan.

Last week was all about tulips.

So many, many new ideas for my tulips! He lists ten different types of tulips planted this year, with delicious, gorgeous pictures. I’ve already made note of those I will be ordering.

Today, by coincidence , I was reading my Gardens Illustrated which had just arrived and saw an article about The Delos Garden at Sissinghurst and Dan Pearson’s task to give the garden a new lease on life.
Here is the article from Dig Delve: scroll to the end to see mention of the redevelopment of the Delos garden. Having been to Sissinghurst before these developments, I am now dying to go again!

Hope you will take a look at Dig Delve and subscribe […]


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Welcome back for more on our upcoming
Mother Daughter Trip.

My daughter and I went to Paris about four years ago and rented an apartment. I had been there for the Maison & Objet Show and the young lady flew over to meet me.

 The apartment we rented was in the Marais and very convenient.

All of Paris 070a_wm Daughter in the courtyard of the wonderfully typical Parisian building.


All of Paris 034a_wm Dinner for two at our window.

This apartment is called “Le Provencal” and is rented through Parler Paris Apartments and Adrian Leeds. Adrian has many apartments throughout Paris (and now in Nice!) and I recommend her highly. She and her agency are a pleasure to deal with, very attentive to detail, and the apartments are immaculate. No request is too small for her team.
Daughter and I settle into an apartment or hotel room easily. We know each other’s boundaries, we respect the other’s need for privacy, we can tell the other one to hush during the night if one is, ahem, making noise.

On to some shopping and about town.
We “do” shopping very well together! It’s so helpful to have someone to fetch another size or color or just […]


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I have a trip coming up in the very near future! I will be going to England where I have not been for almost thirty years. It’s a special trip for several reasons and I will tell you why:

It’s a mother daughter trip.

IMG_1738_wm In Paris, two years ago.


I have travelled with my daughter many times. Of course, when she was little the three of us (me, husband/Dad and daughter) took numerous vacations, long weekends, and family trips by car, train, plane and boat. Oh the places we went! She always loved the thrill of it. And so began her love of travel: like so many her age she has travelled to places I’ve never been….I’m thinking of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Finland etc.

Some people don’t like to travel: it makes them nervous and anxious; they would rather stay in familiar surroundings; they may have had a bad experience and don’t want to risk another. And, of course, there is the cost. Travel is not cheap. It can be done on a budget, of course, but still…it costs. Period. And so we segue into my upcoming trip.

I am actually able to use Award Miles for this trip. My American Airlines account had almost enough miles in it to do […]

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