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Our house was built in 1992 and had just one owner until we bought it in 2010.
We live in a planned community or a “subdivision.” There are almost 2,000 residents and many different neighborhoods, some with free standing houses, some with attached town houses, some in the woods, some in the central village area, some hilly, some flat. You get the idea.

This is the front entrance, back in 2011. It is basically the same (path, white gate etc) but also very changed.

And here it was before we did anything at all. Note the tall fir tree by the front door. There was no fence, or gate, to enclose the front garden area. Huge shrubs were everywhere…


Our house is in the central “village” area: we don’t have much land around the house although we have more usable, gardening-friendly land than many/most houses in this area. This is what appealed to me when we were looking. We wanted, definitely, to be in the village. We can walk to restaurants, bank, fabulous book store and several shops. We have people walk by our fenced terrace just as in a French village. It is, as they say, perfection!

But the house is showing its age.
When we moved […]