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This is one wonderful store. Oh yes, I could have spent HOURS there and probably spent my entire credit card limit.
You want it…they’ve got it. It’s certainly not a matter of need: no it’s retail lust at its finest!
At least, if you are into home and garden accessories and, because you are here reading this blog, I’m pretty sure you are into these things.

The assortment of garden containers was nothing short of extraordinary. Indoors, outdoors, rustic, refined, colorful or neutral: they have it all.
Lotions and potions: many, many brands and most were new to me.
Textiles: such an array of tabletop goodies.
For your photo styling projects: there was something for every occasion.
The lights and strings of sparkling stars is amazing.

A few weeks ago we were up in Philadelphia and on my wish list for that trip was a visit to Terrain (aside from my pilgrimage to Chanticleer!)  I’ve been following the store for many years…since it was called Styers and was basically a gardening emporium and before it became part of the Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie monolith.  Yes, it is just that cool !



See the container above and below? Just one of the many things I came away […]