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Let’s start with a short history of our irrigation system and the need for one:

It’s been hot hot hot around here. The heat, and total lack of rain, forced us to finally go out and buy an irrigation system for the garden. It’s been years (well, maybe three) that this has been on our to-do list; but it always seemed so complicated and so technical and so time consuming that we let it slip. But we were so over the hand-watering thing!
We looked at several different kinds, both in catalogues and on line (they are, surprisingly, difficult to find in stores.) The one that best suited our needs, and seemed fairly easy to install was “Mister Landscaper.”

Mister Landscaper Package_wm

Mister Landscaper Kit 2

Off we went to Lowe’s. They carried the beginner kit which is really and truly all you need to get started.

But it IS only 50 feet of tubing. We “wasted” at least 20 feet in just getting from the faucet to the actual garden area where the watering would begin. No problem!  We laid out the tubing…it is in a tight coil when you buy it, so it helps to stretch it out right away. The system comes with […]