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Summertime is here! Did you know it officially begins next Wednesday? I’ll be at the beach for part of that day, having spent the previous night with our friend who describes her house as “funky; yes, very funky”. I can’t wait to see it!!
So here are my newly planted Helianthus, with that wonderful blue hydrangea “Rio”  and some pink Impatiens in the background. Oh, and a hosta a neighbor gave me last summer. I’m not a big hosta fan, but you know, they look great in here, and certainly add a new texture. You can even spy a Caladium stuck in here: again, not a first choice of mine, but it’s fairly shady in this section and they seem to be loving it.
Same spot back in March!
And HERE is my lavender!
It’s flourishing and the bees love it too.
The trellis has Carolina Jasmine growing quite happily.
My new favorite! Scabiosa “Black Knight”.
Love love.
It’s a perennial that will often self seed, and is grown from seed only.
I bought this last year and have been looking for it all over this […]