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After Charleston we were on our way to Beaufort, South Carolina. This town was new to us and one we had wanted to visit for a long time…and, thanks to several friends, we had some excellent recommendations!

Where did we stay?

The City Loft Hotel

This is one cool, retro-remodeled motel now hotel in the very heart of Beaufort. No need for a car after checking in here.

All the rooms (except for two suites) are the same. Comfortable king bed.The storage was exceptional: lots of drawers (even under the bed) and surface area. The bathroom was huge and again lots of surface area which is SO rare in any hotel bathroom. And there were real GLASS glasses in bathroom and bar area in the room. Two, count ‘em two, fluffy bathmats! Enormous shower, again with lots of surface area for all the bottles. And on and on. I highly recommend this place.

The azaleas all over were just spectacular. White, pink, red, magenta…they were in full bloom! In both Charleston and Beaufort, these shrubs are really magical.

I have […]