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Raise your hand if you have ever stayed right on the waterfront in Savannah.

Not too many hands are up.
And why is that?
I can tell you, from first hand experience!

We thought it would be wonderful to have a front row seat of this busy harbor and river (Savannah is the 4th busiest “container handling facility” in the U.S.) and yet be comfortable in a lovely room with balcony.
First, do not arrive in the middle of Memorial Day Weekend. River Street is so congested, the music so loud, the parking so impossible and the general atmosphere is over-the-top carnival.

If you want to know where NOT to stay, email me.
We did pass by a brand new hotel just west of ours:

The Cotton Sail Hotel

I went inside and looked around and spoke briefly to the front desk. It just opened on May2. Looks very nice and is definitely out of the carnival center.

On the plus side, this is some of the traffic that passed by our room. We had a corner room, facing north and east, so had great views of the ships.



IMG_5179_wm The large and the small….