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One of the things I love most about the garden is the yearly evolution and change of all the plants. Some things stay (almost..) the same and others change dramatically.

The amazing thing is there is very little way to predict this! A warm winter, a cold winter, not enough rain, the plant was just plain unhappy in that spot, not enough fertilizer… and on and on. Some plants die out mid-season and some become more robust each year.

The latter is what we all hope for! I have found that it takes a good three years for many perennials to fully develop and seem settled and happy in a chosen spot.
The image above (taken a year ago) is my
‘Rudbeckia Maxima’
or Giant Coneflower

I actually won this very plant at a raffle about six years ago and planted it on a whim: I had never heard of it and, of course, had NO idea just how tall it would become! By the third year it was at least four feet in mid-summer. Now, it is about 7-8 feet tall! I have to get on a small ladder to really take pictures of it…