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We interrupt Friday Flowers to bring you this special post
OR I couldn’t wait to tell you this story!

 is held twice a year on a farm here in central North Carolina.

No, I had never heard of it until just recently.
How does it compare to Brimfield, you ask? It is smaller; much smaller. There are about 400 vendors (Brimfield boasts 5,000 vendors!). And there are not as many fine antique dealers. On the other hand, the prices are great, it’s not as crowded and, just as at Brimfield, the people watching is wonderful.
I’m always attracted to the colored glass. Details and color: those are two essentials for any antique show walk through, no?  It’s also the forms, the smooth textures, the stories behind some of these treasures and the sheer variety that intrigue me.
This is what I brought home: