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I have been waiting to write this post because the subject is very near and dear to me.
Several years ago, seven to be exact, I ventured forth across the big pond, all alone (toute seule, as they say) to a cooking school in Provence. Now, this was not your typical cooking school: no, it was more of an experience in French living and it felt very daring… I hadn’t travelled alone, abroad, for many years. So, off I went.
I landed at De Gaulle airport, made my way to the TGV, settled into my luxurious  and oh so quiet seat, went to the “snack” car to buy the yogurt
(my daughter had said this was an absolutel necessity!), and watched the
countryside pass by for over two hours. Arrived in Valence, got the bus into
town, then a taxi, and FINALLY got to the hotel Le Pic. I was in heaven!!!
Pic 1
Note the wonderful Provencal colors in this hotel “handout”:  I used this as reference for several designs I did that fall.
Pic 2a
Here, from Homefires, you can see the direct influence:
Window Box
There is so much more! I’ll show, and tell, you more tomorrow, so check back!