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What a special time I had today! I went to see the movie

Cary Theater Piet Oudolf

“Five Seasons: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf”

If you are at all interested in gardening, in color, in texture, in what makes people do what they do….then take a look here at the trailer:

Oudolf was the landscape designer behind The High Line in New York, with much of his inspiration taken from his earlier designs for the Lurie Garden in Chicago. But, of course, it is his lifetime of garden design that lies at the heart of all his projects.

The movie follows him at his own house and gardens in the Netherlands, to Texas, to Chicago, to Paris; from his early years when he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do to his present age of 74; letting us see his own ‘seasons’ and where he is now.

It is a fabulous documentary and something I highly recommend . See it if you can!
HERE is a list of screenings, both past and future.

The summer is flying by, but as promised, I will be here from time to time!
I just may have another “flower” recommendation for you next week…