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Raise your hand if you know about

Hmm. No, I didn’t think I would see many hands.
So let me tell you about this product.

Photojojo promotes itself as having
“The Most Awesome Photo Gifts and Gear for Photographers”;
the tag line says: “for iPad/Instagram/Android/IPodTouch/Vine Photographers.”

Since I have an iPhone, those are the products I was looking at. There are ALL sorts of accessories for iPhone photography, but their series of lenses is what has made news for the brand, and is what I purchased a month ago.

I bought this Wide Angle/Macro lens for $20.00. Since I don’t have a real macro lens for my Canon Rebel T3, I thought this would be great (not to mention fun and sort of cutting edge!)


The site states:
“How it works: each set comes with an adhesive removable metal ring. The ring (or plate) sticks to the back of your phone, and the phone lens attaches magnetically. Snap it on and off in an instant!”

Yes, this is true. But it depends: depending on your model and make phone,you may need to use the ring,or you may need to use the strip. For me, with the iPhone 5 it was the strip. They provide a strip in both […]