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Even though most of the color is gone from the garden there is still SO much
to photograph and play with!
I gathered these (naturally) dried flowers and pods earlier in the week and put them on one of our large stepping stones in the terrace.
The first image here is exactly as photographed. I shot it at f5.6 at
1/640 and an ISO of 800.
Then I went into Photoshop and played with Curves
 Same manipulated image, with a little Contrast and Brightness changes:
And finally, I put the original image into PicMonkey. I went to Effects, and down to
“Time Machine” for this:
If you don’t already know PicMonkey….well…get to know it!
It’s free. It’s a fabulous and easy to use image editing program.
And, more than anything else, it’s fun.
If you find you use it a lot, I do recommend paying the minimal amount to become a “Royal” member: you will have access to many more fonts and image filters.
Have a […]