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Just in case you don’t know: tulips are my favorite flower.
And these are no exception.


Here is the description from the John Scheepers Catalog:
“A Temple of Beauty sport also known as a Lefeber Tulip, Perestroyka is a large, Lily Flowering-shaped beauty in a magical combination of currant-red and coral-orange with raspberry flames atop a sunny yellow base.”

I was surprised, and pleased, at the variety of colors here! Each flower has a slightly different coloration and combination of corals, pinks, yellow and cream. And then when they open (scroll down) they are so pretty as the petals seems to get larger and open.


Above is the true-to-color image of these lovely tulips. And below, well, I couldn’t resist a Lightroom Preset Moody-ish. Yes, these are done with a preset, but really, the colors in each flower are so varied..


And another of the Perestroyka in the kk_5 Friday preset.


Below are some Spring Green and Dordogne from John Scheepers along with Renown from Blooming Bulbs.

tulips IMG_7241-1_wm

These are the more classic tulip shape and […]