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We didn’t see many of these….flowers, I mean…. in Charleston. With a high temperature of about 30 it just was not happening.
On the other hand, there were no crowds or lines, the sun was shining, the galleries were open, and the restaurants were craving our business.


I had been to Charleston once before, many years ago, and remembered an amazing amount about it. But I had forgotten (or never realized) just HOW many exquisite, manicured, gem-like gardens there are in such a small area. I don’t think any other city I’ve ever visited has this kind of garden, house, and city design. Street after street. Alley after alley. Garden after garden. You look in one, through a charming iron gate, and then are eager to move on to the next as each one is such a visual treat. Interspersed with all this visual candy are the historic houses that offer tours, also have gardens, and are so full of details that it’s hard to take it all in.

First, a few garden views. No, they are not spectacular images nor are they filled with beautiful spring flowers. But the view through these gates was tantalizing…