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Now that summer is really here it’s time to focus on our outdoor space.
One of the most important items in any outdoor seating area (in my opinion) are the tables. You want to have enough of them, at the right height for your furniture, and a size that works for your area.

What kind of space do you have? Is it a deck, a stone terrace, a screen porch, a trellis covered area, a gazebo? I think one of the biggest differences in all these is whether it is covered or open. If you actually have a roof over your outdoor area well, then, you don’t really have to worry so much about the weather, right? For the most part, your furniture will be protected from the rain.

But if, on the other hand, your outdoor space is open to the elements….well, then you must consider just what kind of furniture to use. I’ve rounded up a collection of small tables which can be used as just that…tables…and some can double as seating. All of these are weather resistant. No, you cannot leave them out all year and you might want to check if the color will fade in continuous bright sun but otherwise they are good to go.

As you might expect, I love the colorful tables!

Look at that […]