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Packing for London and beyond: a few more days to go and the pile is growing in my bedroom and closet.
Of course, I went to the mall to browse and came away with a few gems!

Do you shop at JJill? There was a time when this retailer was so stodgy and conservative and just plain dowdy. Not now. They may not be the most trendy, and certainly they are not the young and hip source, but every season I find things I really like. And they tend to be things I wear over and over again.

How about this white linen shirt? The sleeves and entire back are a knit, with embroidered linen on the front. I love love it. Mine is an XS and it’s perfect. I am usually a 6 or maybe 8. Unfortunately it is only available in navy; no white on order except in Tall. But you know, I just may return for the navy.

jjill Available HERE


Then we have these crop pants. I bought XS again. So comfy and even have pockets. Casual and yet easy to dress up. And very easy to pack.

Available HERE


So, this dress is […]