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Are you ready for some color for Spring?
Are you looking for some new gift ideas for…Mother’s Day?

This is a copy of a direct email I just sent out (you may have received one.)

Many new products for you to see! Of course, there are greeting cards. But I have also finished two different collections of cute gift tags and cards: one is a flat card with twine attached and the other is a fold over card with white envelopes. Take your pick!

And finally, I am trying something new: ceramic mugs. As you may know, ceramics have long been a favorite of mine and I designed many, many different lines when I had a design studio. Some things just keep coming back, don’t they? Anyway, I hope you will take a look and let me know if you have any questions.

To note: I am offering a 10% discount on ANYTHING YOU ORDER through the end of April !!!



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For all my very loyal and wonderful subscribers and followers:

A last minute, pop-up sale, is now taking place in


Hop on over to
where you will find a 40% discount on many items.

The calendars come in a clear jewel case; each month on a separate sheet; perfect for your desk.



I am offering FREE gift wrap.
Just specify if you want a)natural kraft paper or b) hand stamped white paper.

A shot from my show two weeks ago in Chapel Hill.


Maybe a set of 4 gift tags, twine included:


This sale ends at midnight, Wednesday, December 13 so be quick about it!

And for local followers, don’t forget to come see me at
The Carolina Inn
this Saturday from 3-8 PM for the
Holiday Market!


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Check us out!


You are invited to click on over and view my shop where I sell…how did you guess…paper products! I have had the shop open for a while, but as with any new enterprise there is always so much to do, so much to keep up with, orders to fill, upcoming local shows etc. etc. that somehow the announcement here on the blog was postponed many times. 

But now you are seeing it!

At OneNumberEight we do paper. After all, paper is how we connect! As you probably know I have been a surface designer most of my working life so this newest venture just makes sense. And while I love technology I also love paper. I keep a paper date book on my desk (but yes, I just recently started using the calendar on my iPhone…)
And I most certainly keep one of these on my desk:


This is one of my BRAND NEW PRODUCTS. Fresh from the printer.
(I have a fabulous printer here in Durham, N.C.!)

I love these jewel case calendars: they are so pretty on my […]


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I’ve been working on my newest business


for what seems like a lifetime!

It’s been up and operating (yes, I’ve had some sales!) but I wasn’t ready to put it up here.
Until today.

So click over to:

The tagline says, “Notecards that are colorful: flowers, French, vintage.” Well, that is sort of true. In the months….and months…and months that I have worked on this my inventory has changed, my sourcing has shifted a bit and I’ve totally redone the logo and wording. So that tagline is still subject to change.

As an example: this card of our local, iconic Belties didn’t even make an appearance until a month ago and has become one of my top searched and sold items.

If you look over on the right –> you will see my “Etsy Mini” on the sidebar. It’s been sitting there for a while, but I just moved it up many notches to make it front and center.

While Etsy is certainly not my only end goal in sales venues, it is a way to get started. I did do two local […]

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