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We’ve been back for a few days from our latest travel adventures in England. For days I have been wondering how to approach this travel post and what to tell you about and what you really want to see and read. There is so much!

I’ve decided to begin with what we call our “encounters.” And next week I will write about the specific things I love about England. Does that make sense?

This is, in a sense, why I travel. It is those spontaneous, serendipitous, chance encounters that shine through all the tiredness and adapting while in another country. I also think it is why husband and I are both drawn to (sort of ) staying in one place. We are not tour people for many reasons, but this is one of them. Local life and people is what we want to see.

We had an encounter almost every day on our most recent trip and I think these moments are what we will remember most.

A view to the outdoor tea room at Chelsea Physic Garden. I had wanted to see this historic garden !

The very first day we arrived in London, in the city, at 8 AM. We were, of course, […]


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Flowers on the Isle of Wight.
Our weather has been so typically English: cloudy and grey, breezy and then that beautiful sunshine pops through. Temperatures have been perfect and, of  course, so much cooler than North Carolina.

The flowers are stunning. Everywhere. Whether in a rocky nook or in a manicured garden or in a field, they are so colorful and lovely.

Here is a very limited assortment as I am trying to get this out for Friday but am not home yet to really work on the images. More to come in the near future, along with links to where we went.

Isle of Wight Flowers These were at our hotel


What a color! At the Quarr Abbey


Bembridge flowers In the village center at Bembridge


Just your ordinary street scene (!) in Cowes.


roses at Quarr Abbey At Quarr Abbey again


Lavender against a house wall.

Hope you have enjoyed, and I will be back with more.

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