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Do you like road trips?
Do you prefer them to flying?
Or do you just like to get there and be done with it?

Barns in Holyoke, MA IMG_8098_wm Barns in Holyoke, MA

I am on the fence. In some ways a road trip is so relaxing: you are in your own car, there is plenty of room for (almost) all that you want to take, the road side stops can be fun especially with your own picnic fare, and there is often the opportunity to make an unexpected stop (flea market anyone?) But on the other hand….. it can be long, so…….long. We tend to split the driving although my husband likes to drive more than I do, and I don’t mind being a passenger and/or navigator. Husband, not so much. Nevertheless, we put in some long days on the highway: several 8-10 hour days.

Early in our trip we were in Hudson, New York. Many, many years ago we lived close to Hudson and each time we return we are SO amazed at the changes and gentrification taking place. It has become a premier go-to place for antiques, art and new restaurants. Believe me, when we lived nearby there was n-o-t-h-i-n-g in that town.

Hudson, N.Y.1 Vignettes from […]


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Let’s visit central Massachusetts.

I recently flew up to Hartford and then drove on up to the beautiful Connecticut River Valley in Massachusetts. Gorgeous, picture perfect weather helped to enhance the entire trip…but oh, what beautiful countryside. I was staying at my brother’s house in Leverett but we drove all over, exploring. Among the highlights of the short (two day) trip was lunch at

The Alvah Stone Restaurant in Montague.

Lunch in Mass._wmSet along the Sawmill River and with eating available outside, it was a lovely spot on a summer day.  I had a light lunch but that pea soup was unusual and delicious. After lunch we wandered over to the adjoining Montague Bookmill, a used book store in part of this old grist mill. I even found a small, wonderfully informative book all about tulips (my favorite flower…) which has already been very useful as I begin to look at the fall bulb catalogs.

We walked along the Connecticut River, high up on the man made bluff:



To end the afternoons we swam at Puffer’s Pond in Amherst. We […]

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