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Patrick Dougherty is an environmental sculptor who uses tree saplings, trunks and branches to create one of a kind pieces of sculpture.

While the artist lives in North Carolina, he works all over the world. His installation sites are usually, although not always, outdoors and totally make use of local materials.

These are some of the most unusual, stunning, complex and people friendly sculptural pieces you will ever see.
And, they are knowingly built with a finite life span: none will last more than about two years. The branches will deteriorate and the installation will be taken down after a certain period of time which is just fine with the artist!

Na Hale 'O Waiawi This from Hawaii.


OutoftheBox-interior-590 From the North Carolina Museum of Art, 2009

They are fabulous! When I first saw his work I immediately thought of the work of Andy Goldsworthy: both artists have and feel and a close link to the land; they each construct (mostly) an ephemeral and time sensitive sculpture.

Dougherty’s work, whether small or large scale, indoors or outside, is amazing to watch as it takes shape and for months/years afterward. He just finished an artist-in-residency and installation here at the North Carolina Botanical Garden where I […]