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So, I made my very first ANGEL FOOD CAKE!
Not a really big deal… but having heard so many horror stories of cake failures, I just wasn’t sure this was going to work out. It was a hot and humid day here which, as I understand, is not an auspicious beginning for such a cake!
This is the book:  Southern Cakes
I had heard of Nancie McDermott for several years as she lives here in Chapel Hill, N.C.
And here is my cake.
It worked beautifully!
I served it at our dinner party for eight, along with the raspberries and then a wonderful
Salted Butter Chocolate Sauce
Was this dessert a hit? Yes, indeed!
Try either of these, or do them both, and I guarantee your dinner will be a success.
We even had some left over so it has now become breakfast, snack, and tea time treat…