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We went to see “Chef.”
Jon Favreau was wonderful. It took me a while to place Oliver Platt and where I had seen him (West Wing!). The color and movement in the film was what I liked: lots of action but a real “people” story to go with it.

It was a last minute decision, as we/I don’t go to the movies very often, as in perhaps twice a year. I don’t like violence or rather, I simply will not watch violence so that eliminates probably 80% of the films out there. I also don’t like animation, sci-fi, or just the totally ridiculous, contrived, “noisy” movies that are on the screen.  No, give me a romance, a life story, some history or almost always something French, and I am happy. If you’re wondering what I DO like…well, how about “The Hotel Marigold”, or “Monuments Men” or “The Kings Speech.” To me, those are movies worth seeing for the story, setting, acting etc.

Take a look at the trailer:



If you do see, or have seen it, let us know what you think.

Have a wonderful holiday everyone, and I will see you some time next week!