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Did you know? Monty Don received the
OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire).

Here is Prince Charles awarding the medal at the ceremony last December. 

You know how much I admire Monty Don and for me, no one better deserves this honor than him. This man’s personal voyage and how he has transformed gardening for millions of people is nothing short of amazing and yes, even magical.

If you want to know even more about this man, take a look at his Facebook Page!

And, of course, he has a blog titled simply, Monty Don.

And read this:

How about a trip to Provence to meet Monty where he filmed part of the
French Garden series!

It’s a tour organized by BBC Gardeners World, June 3-8.  Now wouldn’t that be fun?


“La Jeg” sculpture garden, one of the highlights of the Monty Don/Gardeners World Tour!

And, of course, the very best way to keep up to date is to watch
“Gardeners World.”

The program, produced by the BBC, has had a rocky time being shown in the U.S. It was available then it was not, due to […]


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I am certain MANY of you are familiar with Monty Don, the British gardening guru, garden writer and yes…television personality.
When did I “meet” him? It must have been after my first garden visit to England, after visiting Sissinghurst, that I totally fell in love with all things that combined both British and gardens!

I have spoken about him in a fairly recent post.

If you are NOT familiar with him then you are in for a treat. His weekly television series, “Gardeners’ World,” is broadcast in England each week during the season. But it was almost impossible to view outside the UK: something to do with licensing rights from the BBC. After watching one full season, and several of Monty’s specials, I (and so many others!) was suddenly deprived. And so it went for about two years. Until this year. Now, my friends, you too can watch and enjoy any of the programs. They are all accessible on YouTube and also on Britbox if you are a subscriber (I recommend it!)

 Here is one of the latest episodes.  This one has a section all about Hellebores which I know many of you grow and love.
But click on over to YouTube to see all that […]


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This should probably be called a “Gift Guide for Gardeners” because, as you can imagine, I zero in on all things garden related. I’ve found all sorts of distinctive and, while not really unusual, they ARE off-the-beaten-track kind of items.

First of all let’s focus on some new garden books.
Do you know Monty Don?  If you don’t yet know him, check out  “Gardeners World” on YouTube. The BBC program has just celebrated its 50th season and every single one is worth watching. He is a wonder. I have learned so much and anyway, it’s a great way to pass some time!

Available HERE

If you are a Bloomsbury Group follower, or a Virginia Woolf admirer, or both then this book is for you. The reviews are wonderful; the photography said to be “sumptuous”; it combines gardening with the life of Leonard and Virginia Woolf at Monk’s House.

Buy it HERE


How about these beautiful return address labels? Many to choose from, and many other products, but the designs with flowers and fauna are so lovely.

From Felix Doolittle in Newton, Mass.


For the […]

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