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We were in search of a few days relief from the all-encompassing heat and humidity that comes hand in hand with living in central North Carolina. A quick trip was what we were after. We considered the coast: after all, Ocracoke,  Kiawah, Bald Head Island and many more are within an easy drive and offer beautiful beaches. But no, the thought of the searing sand and relentless sun made us cringe.

The answer was to head for the mountains. And, lucky for us, the Blue Ridge Mountains are only about a three hour drive from our house, due west.

Are you familiar with the Blue Ridge Parkway? I had never driven on it. I assumed (WRONG!) it would be similar to our old stomping grounds, the Taconic Parkway in New York State. While the Taconic is lovely and offers a true view of the real Hudson Valley and beyond, the Blue Ridge is just plain dramatic.



For one who is “height challenged” I actually did quite well! The drop offs are buffered, somewhat, by stone walls.



This is a view of Bass Lake taken from […]