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It’s that glorious color in the garden: a mix of purple and deep blue!

These are Columbine. They were here when we arrived, although I swear they were a lighter blue! But over the last five years they have multiplied and self-sown in many spots in several of my terrace gardens. I love love love them. I’ve moved most of the plants toward the rear of each garden, just against the white fence.


And then we have the Clematis.
I’ve actually not had great luck with this plant: up North I tried maybe three times and all died eventually without really much growth. So, I thought I would try again down here in warmer climate. This one is doing fine…but not really flourishing the way I see some around the village. hmmm. I’ve tried putting more manure around the base this year. It’s fine….but probably the same height for the last two years. The flowers are definitely more profuse and larger, so that’s good! And, with the white fence it’s wonderful to see flowers both inside and out.


Clematis ‘Jackmanii’

I listened to a […]