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We spend approximately one-third of our lifetime sleeping, so why not make it the best experience possible?

Please….. come on in to my bedroom!

When we looked at this then-empty house the master bedroom had white walls and white Levolor blinds and one very cute bare light bulb in the room….along with thick, beige carpeting. Needless to say, it wasn’t my style and, as we bought the house almost six months before actually moving in, I had lots of time to work in here. The very first decision to be made was the paint color. Is that the way you do it? Where do you start? Anyway, for me, it’s the walls.

I’ve always loved yellow. Any yellow. It’s cheerful, bright, sunny and can make any room look great. So yellow it was to be.

You can see the tester on the wall. There were many, many other huge splotches on the walls but this one won me over

Benjamin Moore Marblehead Gold

It’s a deep yellow, not too clean, with a lot of body and style. I really do like it…husband still isn’t sure. Ah well, it’s there, and it will be a while until I reconsider!

Bedroom Paint Collage copy_wm

This is […]