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The longer I blog the more I realize it is all about the people. I spend many hours each week reading my “friends and family” blogs i.e. the familiar and well loved blogs written by people I now know quite well. But then there are the newcomers. Every week there are many: blogs I never knew existed and now feel I can’t do without! The stories, the people, the places on this globe that I explore, the things I learn….this is part of why I love blogging.


And now I have been nominated for the “Lovely Blog Award” by my friend
Julie at Peonies and Posies.
If you have been here for a few months you know that Julie is the person I visited in England last September. You can read all about it here and here.

When she nominated me and four other bloggers, Julie said that her choices were based, in part “on blogs where the photography is an essential part of the experience.”

Well, that means a lot to me! I’ve worked hard on my photography skills and, while I realize they are far from perfect, I really enjoy the process and the challenge.
Thank you, Julie!

In receiving this […]