Louisiana Iris


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It’s that wonderful time of year: Peony Season!
Oh, the colors. Oh, the texture and shape. Oh, the scent. And oh, the
They are easy to love, right?

IMG_0951_wm White on white: it doesn’t get any better than this!


IMG_0954-1_wm Applying filters and presets gives an antique look.


IMG_7353_wm Sometimes the buds are even better than the flowers…

And a peak at my Louisiana Iris:


It’s interesting to look back over posts featuring these iris: this is year #5 and they have certainly gotten taller and bigger. But you know…I liked them when they were shorter and more unique! In any case, I adore the color, the leaves, and just how different they are from the germanica. You can read and see more HERE and HERE.

It’s almost the weekend which means lots of time in the garden! Hoping you have a wonderful one.



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The week in flowers. Actually, it was a short week as I was away until two days ago.

You may have seen this posted on my Instagram and Facebook page, but for the rest of you…
my first morning back home was very peaceful, sitting right here!

Garden Gate_wm

A bouquet from the garden, yesterday:


Louisiana Iris, Teddy Bear:
Year three and they are thriving!

Louisiana Iris Teddy Bear_wm


The last peony of the year, with some more snapdragons:


It’s a holiday weekend, so I’ll be taking a short break.
See you later next week!



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Louisiana Iris

I’ve mentioned them before HERE and HERE

My friend Jane had given me some rhizomes about three years ago. The first year, after transplanting, I had only a few flowers. Then last year was better. And this year, well, they are abundant and spectacular. Actually, spectacular is not the right word, for these are not showy iris. They are understated, subtle and delicate which is why I like them so much.


It has been a very, very busy week around here, so I haven’t been able to take many pictures of these iris, or anything, in my garden. But this weekend I will snap away and have lots more to show you next week!


Can you see how delicate the petals are? And against the dark green leaves they make a beautiful color combination.

Here is a white iris germanica.  I don’t know much more about these: I carried them down here, in the car, when we moved and had inherited them from my Mother’s garden. This is their fourth season here and each year they are another four inches taller!


I’ll have more gardening next week as well […]


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It’s Local, but it’s also time for Friday Flowers.
I spent a day last weekend visiting more beautiful, gorgeous gardens as part of
The Garden Conservancy Tour
The Garden Conservancy, based in Cold Spring, N.Y., has “Open Days” programs all over the country. Go to their site to check out one where you live. Thanks to husband giving it to me for Christmas (hint, hint..), I am now a member.

So I had been waiting for the Raleigh area tours. These are not in my immediate local area; in fact, I drove for the first time up to Wake Forest to see one of these historic gardens set in an 1867 house. One of the things I like most (aside from the gardens) is getting to know a wider area around me.

I put together another slide show so sit back, watch, and listen to Yo-Yo Ma.

Finally, a few images from my garden this week. Oh the iris! Most of the iris are gone but the last to bloom are my
Louisiana Iris.

And they are simply stunning.
Thank you, Jane, for such an everlasting, gorgeous gift.

Image 1_wm

Image 2_wm

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