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Time to move along to the next installment of the
Cotswold Garden Tour.

While I would like to take you along for each and every garden and event we saw, it’s just not possible in this space. So I’ll limit this last post to a few of the gardens we saw during the second half of our week.

Let’s begin with our visit to
Broughton Castle, home of Lord and Lady Saye and Sele.

The entrance to the castle:

This turned into a very, very special event for all of us; more so than had even been planned!
We were taken on a very complete tour of the castle and then went outside to go on a tour of the gardens. At that point Lord Saye appeared and proceeded to chat us up…mind you, he is 96 and it was another hot and sunny day out in the gardens! What a truly delightful man. He was soon joined by his wife, Lady Saye who is equally delightful and SO knowledgable about each and every plant in this very extensive garden. The name of each different rose, or poppy, or peony was spoken to us as though she were reading from a […]