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Time To Travel

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Finally, it's time to travel! I'll be leaving in a few days: first for London (think Chelsea Flower Show) and then to Manchester to stay with daughter and her husband. Yes, it's very exciting!


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Yes, London is calling me and this is why:


Portobello Road

You may or may not know this…but for those of you who do not: well, yes, she moved about a month ago. Many, many months of preparation but it’s all worked out beautifully!!! That’s my girl.

She is in graduate school at University of Westminster, right in London, and has an apartment flat in a lovely neighborhood. 

And this is part of what she’s studying:

Last Thursday she had her first full day of meetings, classes, orientation etc. and this was what she posted to me on What’sApp:
“I have homework. Like, library research. With citations. Goodness. I thought I was here to shop and travel!!!”

Don’t worry, we all know what she is REALLY there for and all will be good!

Anyway, I am going over for a few weeks to stay with her. Which is kind of the point of this entire post! And, of course, I can’t wait.

I will see many friends: already have five days blocked out for meetups which will include lunch, photo walks, going to Covent […]


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I’m off in another week to England: three days in London, six days in the Cotswolds, and then back to London for four more days.

Here is just a small preview of some of the gardens on my tour in the Costwolds…something to whet your appetite and perhaps you will turn a bit pea green!

Our first day includes Hidcote Manor

 Kiftsgate Court

Three generations of women gardeners: that alone makes me want to visit.

and Campden House

This is the “white sunk garden”; just one of the many gardens in this private estate.

And this is only our first day!! It will be a true luxury to be with other “garden geeks” as my husband likes to call me. No, he will not be there!

My first three nights will be here at
Cotswold House Hotel and Spa
Let’s hope we return in the afternoons in time for tea…always my favorite time.

So there you have a short introduction to my upcoming trip. Oh yes, there is lots more of course. I’m seeing various friends and […]

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