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We all do dishes and we all use towels in the kitchen. Right?
Do you think about the towels you use for drying dishes, pots and your hands? Do you care? (I certainly hope you are not using paper towels for the quick hand dry!!)

Having grown up in the era of terry cloth towels… you know, those oh-so-thin retro printed towels…I am SO grateful that there are now such great alternatives and such a huge variety available.

My tea towel of choice is made of linen. It absorbs water SO much better than anything else and I have found, it lasts much longer, and with a soak in fabric brightener occasionally, stays bright and crisp. 

Until recently it was hard to find good, quality linen towels: ten years ago I always bought mine in France, at the street markets and then vintage towels at the brocante fairs. But now there are so many excellent, small manufacturers doing unusual prints.

So here are a variety of styles I’ve chosen for you. Fabrics vary from 100% linen to 50/50 cotton and linen, to all cotton.

Tea Towels

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