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First, let’s look at the new recipe.

I was asked to bring a “vegetable or green” to a luncheon meeting held on Monday. I had NO idea what to bring; a traditional green salad was not what was asked; and a plain and simple vegetable seemed….well, just that…plain and simple.

So I asked my very good friend Julieta at

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This is one of the finest cooking, life style, and life-in-the-South blogs and it just happens to be written by one of my oldest friends. So take a look!

This is what she recommended I take to the luncheon:
Pea and Asparagus Salad

photo_wm The top layer is asparagus, but underneath is a layer of tiny peas, then the pea shoots.

IMG_4307_wm Just before serving add the lemon,olive oil dressing.

Pea and Asparagus Salad With Meyer Lemon Dressing

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 10.25.56 PM

IMG_4310_wm Note the asparagus: yes, they are all sliced lengthwise!

I used frozen “tiny” peas. I found pea shoots in a […]