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I have a lot to say about our laundry room… and laundry in general, so I’m breaking this down into several posts.
Actually, our laundry room is also a pantry. You enter it directly from the garage and then go to the kitchen via a few short steps in the hallway.
Part I was really a preview of what we were working on here at the house.
Part II is all about laundry!
First, let me explain a few basics:
 I DO NOT USE a dryer. Well, maybe three times a year. At most. I hang up all my clothes and sheets and towels. Much to my disappointment, we are not allowed to hang any laundry outside here (home owners rules..) and I do long for my wonderful, long clothes line of former days. When I showed you the video “Memories of the Backyard Clothesline” I really felt that narrative.
My daughter, who lives in a not-so-big, i.e 800 sq.ft, apartment in Washington D.C. has become a believer! Oh yes, she uses portable clothes racks in the apartment. I am very proud!!! Her clothes go on a line. Her sheets and towels over the shower rod for the night. So, yes, it IS possible to go […]