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Wintertime = indoor heat = dry skin
There you have it: one of the most basic problems for women in the wintertime is all that skincare! Let’s explore some solutions to keep that dry skin at bay.
I have asked some of my blogging friends to contribute to this post as I thought we can all use lots of advice! I have always had very dry skin: (thanks Mother… ) But, of course, when you are young it’s not really bothersome; it’s not until you are older and, dare I say, “of a certain age” that you must D E A L with it. We all have different solutions and, of course, all skin is different, but the following are some hints and tips perhaps we can all use.

We’ll start with my personal favorites:

Lac-Hydrin Lotion
One of the best bits of advice I received was from a dermatologist about twenty years ago. Yes, for twenty years I have been using a prescription lotion for my face and body. As he said then, and it still holds true, “you can pay a lot of money and still get the same results as a drugstore product!” I use LacHydrin Lotion. While it is prescription, it costs about $5-$15 per bottle depending […]