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One of the joys of travelling, for me, is the visual feast. It doesn’t really matter where…every new place has new sights, smells, textures and visuals. And, having spent my life studying design visuals, I love seeing anything new!

A part of all this exploration is, of course, shopping. Y’all know just how much I love shopping, don’t you? It’s the browsing and newness of it that never fails to thrill me. Thrill? Excite? Well, maybe those words are exaggerations, but you get the idea.



THIS TABLE is the reason we returned to Savannah, having just been there five weeks ago. We bought it from Alex Raskin Antiques: click on the name and you will see my entire post all about his shop. It is….well…just something else! Packed, and I mean jam packed, with antiques. But we had seen this lovely birds-eye-maple table when last walking by. Made about 1830, it almost matches our other bedside table: we just couldn’t believe the similarity. And this one was a VERY good price which came down even more once we made our choice known.  So now it sits by my bedside, awaiting new glass knobs.


And now on to the bits and bobs I found in Savannah!
One of my favorite shops […]