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Let’s talk about Paris!
How do YOU decide what to do and where to go when you are in Paris? I don’t need to tell you that the possibilities are endless; but somehow you need to narrow down the choices and think about just what is important to YOU.

I have shelves of books about France, Paris, fiction, biographies, historical writings, guides to hotels and inns, many, many maps, shopping guides and a healthy dose of French language books and guides.

A selection of one of my several shelves filled with all kinds of assorted reading about France and Paris:


books about FranceIMG_9181_wm Fiction and travel: I’ve got some of everything.

A special note about the two copies, above, of “French or Foe?” by Polly Platt.
This was one of the first books I read when I began to visit France on a regular basis. Some reviewers are not crazy about the book; I loved it and found it so helpful, amusing and real! Yes, by now it seems a bit out of date but take a look and see if  it interests you…

Next we have these City Walks guides. I think they are great, whether you are […]