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 Are ironing board covers your idea of a fun purchase?

For me the answer is yes! It’s true: I am very into ironing.

 I’ve mentioned here before that I really like to iron. Yes, really and truly. It satisfies me and makes me feel good. Many, many, many years ago I remember my Mother showing me the correct way to iron cotton, long sleeved shirts. And tea towels. And sheets. Of course, I could have ended up hating this entire business but no, I ended up really enjoying it.


Fast forward to a year ago. My ironing board is old. It belonged to my Grandmother who died in 1980 and I have had it ever since. It’s sturdy and solid and so easy to fold and unfold, unlike the shaky, thin and about-to-collapse kind you see now. And remember, to an “ironer” these are important distinctions. When we redid our present laundry room/pantry I looked into the kind of boards that come out from the wall or slide out from a cabinet. In the end they all seemed too small and not sturdy enough to work with and iron sheets. I opted to keep this very old but “much loved” board.