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Today, for the first time, I am joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden.

Cathy posts, every Monday, a vase with flowers from her garden. And she invites other bloggers to link up. It’s quite a community and I follow several of the bloggers who regularly link up…so thought I would join in! And, of course, now that spring is here there will definitely be something fresh every Monday.
I will try to post on a regular schedule for this theme although with gardening weather here you may find me outside instead of at the computer…

This week it’s all about pink:

Pink Flowers 1

I cannot believe how many hyacinths I have. I’m not quite sure what happened (mind you, I am not complaining) but they multiplied tenfold from last spring. That is one of the joys of gardening: watching the unexpected happen right before your eyes.

PINK 1_wm

This is our new (planted just a year ago) Okemo cherry tree. It seems happy!

IMG_0570_wmI couldn’t resist one more shot of the hyacinths. And yes, the scent is heavenly. I have a vase of them here in my studio, on the other side of the room, […]


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It’s Friday and time for some flowers.

We entertained last weekend and a friend brought me this most wonderful bunch of cut hyacinths. I’ve been watching them open and develop their lovely scent, all week. Now they sit in my studio; I have the door shut and it’s warm in here and they smell heavenly!





IMG_5672_wm Here they are in front of my computer, five days later. Faded and lighter, but still smelling wonderful.


And now, because it’s almost Valentines Day, here’s a spot of red and pink!


Image 1b_wm Couldn’t resist trying it in the Waterlogue app….

Hope you all will have a nice Valentines celebration and restful weekend!


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