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Raise your hand if you know

How many hands do I see? Not many I think.

Spoonflower is a fabric and paper printing company and this is their tag line:
“At Spoonflower we make it possible for individuals to design, print and sell their own fabric, wallpaper, decals and gift wrap.”

In other words, anyone can create a design, upload it to the Spoonflower site, and have it printed on eleven different kinds of fabrics, two kinds of gift wrap, wallpaper or decals.
This is really C O O L.

IMG_8229_wm_wm Reception area at their headquarters in Durham, N.C.

The company was started in 2008 and has grown from, I think, four to almost forty full and part time employees. Aside from their main, and thriving, business of digital printing,they also offer all sorts of “Events” such as Surface Design: Creating a Basic Repeat with Paper or Mixed-Media Collages as well as opening their design space The Greenhouse as an open studio where you can bring your own project and work and meet others.

Spoonflower Collage 1

Spoonflowr Collage 2