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The new design is live! Look around you at the changes.

Over the past few years I have come to realize the importance of periodically redesigning my blog. When the blog no longer reflects you or your style, it’s time to get going with some changes. How often this will occur varies with each person and blog, keeping in mind that a blog is on the one hand, very personal and on the other, very public.

I’ve just finished this entire redesign process with the absolutely invaluable help of Shari at Little Blue Deer.  In addition to moving from a Blogger platform to the self-hosted WordPress, this redesign involved many decisions, many sceenshots, many emails, a lot of design discussion. I thought you might be interested to follow along in this process.

Some of the elements common to all blog design are color, typeface, graphics and overall layout and appearance and it is these I will show you in my redesign process.

#1. The Header

That header, right up there at the top of the opening page, has to be YOU. You have about three seconds to grab a reader’s attention when they click on your blog and that header image can be a make-or-break item. Do you want a […]