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I’ve been up near Boston for the past week. What began as a trip with beautiful, gorgeous, spectacular weather has deteriorated, as you well know, into Sandy
Need I say more?
Images from our trip north:
We are here packing up a house and readying it for sale.
No, I haven’t  taken any photos of the rain here (would you really want to see that??)
Too bad, all the kitchen pots and utensils are in boxes because this is just the kind of weather that makes me want to cook! Soups, whether hot or cold, summer or  winter variety, are some of my favorites in the kitchen.
So while I may not be able to make this any day soon, you just might! Hey, it’s snowing cats and dogs in West Virginia and a cold front is moving in to many places… so let us know if this is as good as it looks and sounds!


Roasted Fall Squash Soup
From Chef Stephanie Pearl Kimmel
Executive Chef at Marchéin Eugene, OR
~ The roasting of the squash intensifies the sweet rich flavor of this […]