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Helpful Hint = Reminder
Don’t forget to use Holly Tone!

It’s that time of year: time to feed and nourish those acid loving plants. Hydrangeas, Camellias, Azalias, Rhododendrons, Hollies and Evergreens.
It’s best to feed in the fall also, but the spring feed is the biggie! Just sprinkle around the base out to the drip line, work in gently and maybe give a little water (if rain is not in the forcast.)

Your plants will thank you!


Not to be overlooked: the garden is coming along with spring vibes. Look at this
lychnis coronaris “Alba”
The plants are thriving; just when I thought they were not going to make it at all.

I planted them from seeds brought back from England two years ago. I started them last winter/spring, planted them outside in April and watched, all summer long, as they just sat. Nothing. But at least they didn’t die!

And now, I think we might actually have flowers this summer! To be continued….

That’s it for the weeks gardening updates. Hope you have a lovely first weekend of  Spring!