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Do you bake for the holidays?
Do you make breads, cookies, chewy nut bars, fruitcake, candied nuts?
This idea of baking to give as gifts seems to have exploded in the last few years.
Welcome Home Brands to the rescue!
You can pour batter directly into these paper, ready-to-give, containers-for-all-sizes which allow you to  bake right in the paper container.
Here is their “Holiday Collection” for 2012:
You can even do a large tube cake:
buy it here 
Star shape, in a neutral kraft paper:
and these cute baking cups:
buy them here


Great idea, no?
I bought these “mini loaf baking pans”: 3″ long and 1.5″ wide.
How cute is that?
I discovered all of these at my local grocery store (Harris Teeter)… on an end cap, hidden back in the dairy section (what??).  So look around in your store and you just may find some.
Happy Baking!