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Sometimes you just need to get away, right?

So it was off to the mountains for us: to Highlands, North Carolina.

Just so you know where we were going: this is it. You can see Atlanta down at the bottom, and the coast over on the right. We live almost in the center of the state, just west of Raleigh.

The weather here at home, in central North Carolina (known as The Piedmont) has been around 90° each day. But oh….. up at 3,000+ feet it is definitely cooler. And lovely. And clear. And refreshing. And…you fill in the rest!

And this where we chose to stay

Half-Mile Farm Inn

It is one of the “sister properties” of Old Edwards Inn in Highlands which is a huge and growing hotel property with all the requisite amenities and services: spa, gym, restaurants, shops and various houses, cabins, and what must be an enormous staff. 

If you know me, you know I’m not a fan of these big, luxury hotels.  We stay away from anything large or faintly corporate; other than a motel-on-the-run, we much prefer small and more personal inns. No, not a “Victorian” B&B with antimacassars, […]