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I have wanted to visit Great Dixter Gardens for so many years. I almost went on a garden tour there but opted out at the last minute (and did that now famous
Costwold Garden Tour instead!)

Where is this famous garden? In Northium which is in East Sussex which is south of London. And no, I didn’t quite realize just how difficult/tricky it was going to be to get there! Sissinghurst had been quite easy to reach; this was not. I took the train to Hastings then a harrowing, roller-coaster taxi to Dixter. But I got there just fine!

Tools of the trade, for sale:

Great Dixter was the lifetime home of Christopher Lloyd, gardener, plantsman, author and garden designer extraordinaire. His use of color and the lush, over-planted gardens, his experimentation with so many new plants, ways of using color in the beds and his skill as an author made him the center of so many gardeners’ ideas.

The gardens are lush. Period. It was a magnificent day but if it had been at all wet…well, I would have been soaking as you really had to push through many enormous planted areas.

One can never have enough wheel barrows!