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Bunting e rev

It’s been a while… but I’m back with the newest and latest of things I like, and use, and recommend!

Bunting f


Have you heard of this company and its great line of sun protection clothing?
I have become very, very aware of the sun and the damage it’s doing (and has done) to my skin. In addition to wearing sun screen every day of the year on my face and hands, I have started to buy UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) clothing for outdoors. Yes, it’s tricky to wear long sleeves (arms are one my “problem areas”) in hot, humid weather. But these fabrics are so lightweight that it helps. And they wash, and dry, quickly and easily.

I am especially careful to always wear a “rash guard” when I swim. I do my laps, in full sun, either late morning or at lunch time and the sun is hot and bright. My gorgeous cherry/magenta rash guard with long sleeves really gives me protection: I put it on right as I head toward the pool, then peel it off as soon as I get out.

Here’s a selection from their catalog: