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Some of us have curly…dare I say…frizzy hair. We were born with it; it may have become worse (or better) as we age; we cope with it.
For me, in the winter, one would never imagine I had curly, frizzy hair! Nice and straight. But in the summer, in the humidity, at the beach, here in North Carolina with this heavy, humid air, and when I am gardening…. well, it is a nightmare. A straightening iron simply does not do the trick.
Luckily, there are others who share my fate. And there are bloggers who post about such things. Thank you to all of them!
Here’s the kit I bought:
My three newest friends:
I was introduced to these by Ridgley at Ridgley’s Radar back in January.
I’ve been using the shampoo for about a month, and the conditioner and styling cream for two weeks.
Already, I can tell the difference. My hair is actually smooth, as in S M O O T H, after I towel dry it. My blow […]