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What a difference a week can make.

This was happening, just one week ago:


This is what it did to the leaves of my Colocasia, Phlox and Cannas. At first I thought something had been eating them, but then realized these large leaves had been torn by the hail. Luckily it is early in the season and all new leaves will be fine. Amazing, no?

hail damage leaves_wm

Today, one week later, we have this romantic, serene and very feminine view in the garden:


This rose was a gift to me from a dear friend who has since moved away. I’ve looked everywhere for the name and can’t find it but I’m pretty sure it is
“New Dawn.”

In any case, it loves the hot, South/West position against the white fence. It has now been here for four years and, with annual pruning, it has tripled in size. While I am not really a rose person, I adore this one!


Happy Weekend to all!