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 Do you know
Graf Lantz?

I posted about this company just last July when they had a special sale.

I had wanted the Hana Tote in orange but, too bad, it was sold out. So I bought this Teal Blue:

The bags come in this reusable heavy cotton sack!



Graf Lantz is offering all my readers

Just click that highlighted link above and you will be taken to the website.
Full disclosure: I will also receive a coupon for 20% off my next purchase if you buy through that link. 

So, it’s kind of a win-win for everyone!  Remember, these products are MADE IN THE USA!

And, I will tell you, I just love my bag. It’s my second tote from this great company: well-made, quality materials, fast shipping, great customer service and always gets lots of compliments.
Let me know if you order!


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You know just how much I like orange, right?

I came across this the other day, from
Graf and Lantz

Hana Tote in Safety Orange


In Orange

They come in lots of other luscious colors. And many other styles.

All Graf Lantz products are made in the United States! Yes, they are ALL made in Los Angeles.

And, if you click on their home page, Graf Lantz, you will get a pop up box offering you an additional 10% off anything in your first purchase. Not bad, considering these are already discounted on sale.

I do actually have one of their bags and had written about it :
My Favorite Bag: Made From Felt

Yes, I still use it and still love it! It’s becoming a bit dog-eared around the edges, but it has held up very, very well over the years.

Please do let us know if you own one of these..or if you purchase one!

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